Jeep Grille Insert Designs

Customize your Jeep 

What are grille inserts? 

Protect the engine compartment of your Jeep from the road and off-road hazards that could lead to costly repairs! Made of quality rust-resistant, perforated aluminum, will keep your jeep safe and allow proper airflow to your engine.

Keep your Jeep safe from hazards that may cause damage to your radiator with a Grille Insert. While most specialty inserts do nothing as far as aesthetics, this grille insert can put the FUN back in functional!

Will this make my engine overheat?

ANYTHING you put in front of your radiator will increase engine temperature and decrease your airflow, and anyone who tells you differently is lying!  After multitudes of 'research' (two years of off-road and highway performance on our personal vehicles), we have designed an insert that will allow proper airflow to your radiator and engine compartment, all while providing protection to those components and aesthetic appeal.  Your engine temp will increase by 5-7 degrees, but in over two years of business, we have had ZERO complaints of overheating.  Whether your insert is installed or not, ALWAYS watch your engine temperature!


JK and JKU are fairly simple to install and they do not require any drilling.  Pull the pins holding your grill in place, pull the grille forward two inches, drop the insert in, making sure it's not resting on the sensor on the bottom right, and replace the grill and pins!  The fit will be very snug, ensuring your insert will not shift or fall during road time. The easiest mod you'll do to your Jeep! 
We include instructions with every insert but if for some reason yours are missing, or you'd like to preview the instructions, email us at, and we'll send you a copy!
While we provide instructions, each model Jeep (and every Jeep really...) is different.  Due to mods done by yourself or previous owners, installation may vary slightly.  YouTube is always a great resource!


We fully stand behind our products.  Whether it's rock chips from winter roads, or you take out a tree on the trail, send your insert back to us, and we'll replace it.  Simple as that!  Life is already complicated enough, let's not add more stress.  LIFETIME WARRANTY, guaranteed!

Not only do we use only rust-resistant perforated aluminum, but we also use UV-cured high-performance enamel and clear coat for protection.  Just as your Jeep may develop rock chips and some fading over time, your insert should also wear the same.  Due to the UV curing process, the colors should stay vibrant for up to ten years! 
Should you experience any issues, please contact us immediately so we may rectify the situation.  For our friends in states where it snows, you will experience more wear and tear from the sand and salt on the winter roads.  Don't panic though, it's covered!  Simply send it back to us and we'll get a replacement out!  Warranty exchange is for the same design and model only, and is sent when the original insert is received.

Premium Package:

You also have the option of getting this insert in our "platinum package." This premium package includes a matte background with a hydro gloss finish, giving your insert a more dimensional look!

NOTE:  Color may vary slightly. 

Please double-check the model of your Jeep using the chart below prior to ordering!

*CJ: 1976-1986

*YJ: 1987-1996

*TJ / LJ: 1997-2007

*JK / JKU: 2007-2018

*JL / JLU: 2018 + 

*GLADIATOR / JT: 2019 +

*RENEGADE / BU: 2015 + 

*PATRIOT / MK: 2007-2017

OTHER models or vehicles by request - please email us at


*** Some models require modification to your Jeep prior to installation.  Please email us at with any questions prior to purchase.  *** 

What is the refund/return policy?

We understand that sometimes folks will want to return their purchase.  We welcome any unused merchandise returns within 30 days of purchase, but we do charge a 15% restocking fee.  Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.  This policy excludes custom designs; these are not available for refunds or exchanges.  Return shipping is the customer's responsibility.
*All grille inserts are made in the United States. We use a third party to make and ship your Jeep Grille Inserts. The third party provides a lifetime warranty with their product.