A Closer Look at the Game-Changing Volcon Stag

A Closer Look at the Game-Changing Volcon Stag - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

A New Level In Off-Roading Luxury?

For those already immersed in our world of off-roading, the name Volcon and their flagship Stag model have likely caught your attention. 

This all-electric off-road vehicle is turning heads and challenging conventions with its innovative design and impressive capabilities. And while the Stag may seem like a luxury ride, it's also built for the toughest terrains and adventures.

But how exactly did Volcon create such a game-changing vehicle? Let's take a closer look at the features and technology that make the Stag stand out (and why you may want to add it to your off-roading arsenal).

What Is Volcon?

We’d forgive you if you don’t recognize the name Volcon – but we won’t if you don’t know it soon. Born from a team of enthusiasts who understand the call of the wilderness, Volcon is redefining what it means to connect with nature. 

Their flagship model, the Stag, is much more than just an electric UTV – it's a manifestation of their mission to deliver off-road experiences that heighten your senses and bring you closer to your surroundings.

What impresses us is Volcon’s commitment to performance alongside environmental responsibility. But Volcon goes beyond just raw capability. Their vehicles are designed to unlock new layers of outdoor exploration. The near-silent operation allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature's sounds – from the roar of a nearby river to the calls of wildlife. 

And when it comes to the Stag, they’ve spared no expense.

Volcon Stag All Electric SXS

Uncompromising Off-Road Performance

While electric powertrains are often associated with efficiency over raw performance, the Stag shatters that notion. 

Packing a potent 140 horsepower from its electric motor, this UTV delivers staggering acceleration and a top speed of 80 mph – more than enough to conquer even the most challenging trails and dunes.

But it's the Stag's instantaneous torque delivery that really sets it apart. With a flat torque curve, you get maximum torque from a standstill, allowing for explosive launches and relentless pulling power over steep inclines and through thick mud. No more waiting for revs to build or dealing with turbo lag.

Impressive Off-Road Credentials 

The Stag isn't just quick in a straight line – it's purpose-built to tackle the toughest off-road conditions. A sturdy body-on-frame construction provides a robust foundation, while an impressive 15 inches of ground clearance and aggressive BFGoodrich all-terrain tires ensure you can clear obstacles with ease.

For serious rock crawling, the Stag offers an impressive 51-degree approach angle and 37-degree departure angle. Elka Stage 5 shocks with 14 inches of wheel travel front and rear soak up the biggest impacts. And when conditions get really gnarly, you can lock the transfer case into 4WD mode for maximum traction.

Overlanding Enablers 

One of the Stag's standout attributes is its phenomenal range potential – a key consideration for overland adventures far off the beaten path. Equipped with a 42 kWh battery pack, the Stag boasts an estimated range of over 140 miles on a single charge, with recharging made easy via the built-in Level 2 charger compatible with 240V outlets.

What really makes the Stag an overlanding star is its unique range extender mode. Much like the technology found in vehicles like the Chevy Volt, a compact gas generator can be turned on to charge the battery pack as you drive, essentially eliminating range anxiety on extended trips away from charging infrastructure. 

This ingenious system provides the best of both worlds – zero-emission electric driving blended with incredible extended range.

Is This The True Luxury EV Experience?

While highly capable, the Stag doesn't sacrifice comfort or tech. The well-appointed cabin features premium materials, supportive heated seats, and an adjustable tilt steering wheel. A large 8-inch touchscreen provides access to navigation, vehicle telemetry, rear camera views and even supports smartphone mirroring.

Like a traditional luxury vehicle, the Stag offers customizable driving modes to tailor the driving experience. ECO mode maximizes range, while Sport unleashes full performance. There's even a Tow mode to optimize power delivery when hauling heavy loads.

Advanced safety features like traction control, stability assist and even OnStar emergency services make the Stag feel as sophisticated as many modern SUVs and trucks. Yet it packages all these premium amenities into an ultra-capable desert runner.

Volcon Stag-All Electric SXS

Will You Be Adding The Stag To Your Garage?

The Volcon Stag is truly forging new territory by combining the off-road chops of an elite 4x4 with the instant torque and cutting-edge tech of a premium electric vehicle. For off-roaders who want unbridled performance without compromise, all while reducing their environmental impact, the Stag makes a compelling case as the ultimate overland adventure vehicle.

Are you going to be bringing a Volcon Stag home? Let us know – and make sure to tag us in your off-road adventures! Shop Goats Trail Apparel for all your off-road gear needs!

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