Goats Trail Community Involvement

Off Road Apparel Company

At Goats Trail, we're so much more than an Off-Road Apparel Company. We believe that building a strong community is the key to success, so we make it a priority to get involved in the places we call home.

We're members of local Chambers of Commerce and four-wheeling clubs, and our employees are always looking for ways to be active in the community.

We also take care of the environment. We proudly support the Tread Lightly mission, because we believe that it's essential to leave our trails in better condition than when we found them.

We do our part to ensure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors for years to come, from choosing sustainable fashion practices to our suppliers, to reducing our carbon footprint.

At Goats Trail, we're more than an Off-Road Apparel Company – we're part of a strong, thriving community.


Tread Lightly

Wisconsin Coalition of Four Wheel Drives

Midwest Jeepthing

Verona Area Chamber of Commerce

Middleton Chamber of Commerce