Best Off-roading Locations in the Midwest-Part 5

Best Off-roading Locations in the Midwest-Part 5 - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

Off-Roading in the Midwest: Our Grand Finale

As we round up our off-roading journey across the United States, we've saved the best for last - the Midwest. This region may not have the dramatic terrains of the West or the lush forests of the East, but it has plenty of hidden gems that offer exciting adventures and memorable experiences.

Illinois: Two Rivers Jeep Club, Pittsfield

Illinois may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of off-roading, but the Two Rivers Jeep Club in Pittsfield has some fantastic trails that will put your 4x4 vehicle to the test. The club has 13 trails on private land, which they maintain in collaboration with the landowners. They also host two events a year that are open to the public, making it a great opportunity to connect with other off-roaders and share the thrill of the ride.

Indiana: Badlands Off Road Park, Attica

If you find yourself in Indiana, don't miss the chance to explore the Badlands Off Road Park. Located in the heart of Indiana's farm country, this 800-acre park has a little bit of everything - stream Illinoiscrossings, steep rocks, wood trails, gravel, and even dunes. But that's not all - they also host exciting concerts, night rides, and bonfires, making it a perfect weekend getaway for thrill-seekers and music lovers alike.

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Iowa: MIOBI- Make It or Break It

This is a semi-private off-road area centered around 4x4 trucks, Jeeps, and buggies. You’ll have access to over 200 acres of prime wheeling land, so expect to leave feeling exhilarated. Indeed, legal 4x4 trails in Iowa are limited, so you might need to join a local off-road group that leases land to wheel on.

Kansas: Kansas Rocks Recreation Park, Mapleton

Jeep fanatics looking for a serious challenge will love this 380-acre park. It only permits 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles, and UTV’s. The gnarly trails consist of rock obstacles,, gravel, and mud in a wooded setting. At the end of the day, you and your buddies can cozy up next to a campfire in their primitive camping spots.

Michigan: Bundy Hill Off-Road Recreation, Jerome

Spreading over 300 acres of wooded trails, this private park is an awesome place to test the capabilities of your 4WD. It features Green, Blue, Black, and Red trails with natural obstacles like gravel hills, rocks climbs, sand drag, and muddy puddles. Those who love a good mud bog will have a blast slinging mud everywhere.

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Minnesota: Spider Lake Trail, Pine River

This trails snakes it's way for 29 miles throughout Foot Hills State Forest. It runs along lakes and ponds, follows ridges, and traverses several hills and slopes. There are smooth and sandy rides for novice riders, while more skilled Jeepers can sample rugged sections that will push your rig to the limits. 

Missouri: SMORR–Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch, Seymour

Off-roaders seeking some carnage will love this park, considered one of the premier wheelin' destinations in the Midwest. It boasts over 940 acres of clearly marked trails ranging from easy to insane paths that will test your vehicle throughout your journey. In addition to the vehicle-based fun, they have developed and dispersed camping sites, rustic cabins, and a kids' playground.

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Nebraska: Nebraska National Forest, Halsey

Those craving to fire up their 4WD vehicles and kick up some dirt in the Cornhusker State will love this location. It’s home to some of the few motorized trail riding areas in Nebraska open to the public. You'll find hundreds of thousands of acres to drive on, many of them easy. Some paths are in the forest, and others in wide open sand hills.

North Dakota: Kimball Bottoms OHV Area, Bismarck

400 acres of paths with sand bars, hill climbs, mud holes, and tight areas await 4-wheel adventure seekers. Those overlanding will find plenty of camping spots as well as fishing opportunities in the Missouri River. Two islands are also accessible when water levels are low. The area is prone to flooding, so check the weather when planning your trip.

Ohio: Southington Off-Road Park, Garrettsville

Dedicated to 4x4s, this 1500-acre park has thrills for everyone, whether you have a basic 4WD or a heavily modified rig. There are facilities to make the place more comfortable for families who want to camp. Expect a bathhouse, a campground with electricity, sports courts, a kids’ playground, a huge pavilion, and a camp store.

Devils Tower Black Hills South Dakota

South Dakota: Black Hills National Forest, Pennington County

The beautiful, lush Black Hills are a playground that beckons off-road enthusiasts of all stripes. There are over 600 miles of paths, ranging from heavily wooded routes and grassy plains to some heart-pumping rock crawling. Get a permit and plan to stay for several days so you can cover most of the territory.

Wisconsin: Embarrass River Campground & OHV Park

The Badger State doesn't offer much for good off-road trails. But we have one great legal spot for you—the Embarrass River Campground and Park. You’ll find 500 acres of enticing terrain, including sharp, rocky climbs and deep, muddy trenches. If you are still evolving your skills or don’t trust your rig's capabilities, there are bypasses to help you avoid the more challenging obstacles.

So there you are - our top off-roading destinations in the Midwest. Whether you're a seasoned off-roader or a newbie looking for your first adventure, these locations will provide unforgettable experiences, thrills, and excitement. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags up your rig, and hit the road!

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