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Best Locations To Go Off-Roading In The United States

If you've been off-roading for a while, you might have already checked off some of the most well-known locations and be revving your UTVs for more. The good news is that when it comes to epic places in America to go off-roading, you couldn't try them all out in a lifetime even if you devoted all your days to exploring. From Colorado to California to Arizona, Utah, and even Hawaii, there are so many awe-inspiring places to stir up some dirt and discover new paths.


Here are some of the best locations to go off-roading in the United States.


 Bald Eagle State Forest, Pennsylvania

Named after the Lenape chief, Woapalanne, which translates to the bald eagle, this area features endless acres of dramatic ridges, clear mountain streams, and ancient forests to explore. There are vehicle trails that are great for four-wheel drives, ATVs, and motorbikes that could keep you busy for days. You can mix up your off-roading drives with fishing, swimming, kayaking, and hiking in this area that has one of the most extensive networks of trails in the whole state of Pennsylvania. The towns of Millheim and Lewisburg are charming spots to visit after you emerge from your deep forest adventures.


 Molokai Forest Reserve Road, Hawaii

Say aloha to thousands of acres of off-roading paradise that includes waterfalls, sea cliffs and the beautiful Waikolu Canyon. This isolated nature preserve is ideal for off-roaders who appreciate tropical surroundings teeming with wildlife and flora combined with demanding paths. Highlights of this area are the gorgeous Waikolu Lookout and awe-inspiring Kamakou Peak. Camp overnight so you can get up early and find a scenic sunrise spot with incredible views of the canyon before more exhilarating rides as you make your way back to civilization. This reserve is one of many places in Hawaii where you can put your off-road experience to the test.


Death Valley National Park, California 

Most off-roading enthusiasts are thrill-seekers so the name Death Valley will draw instant excitement. It is an epic area for off-roading with millions of acres of wilderness that is ideal for four-wheeling adventures. Being the second lowest place on earth at 282 feet below sea level and often reaching temperatures over 120¬į F in summer, this unpredictable environment is no place for newbies. The harsh environment is challenging with rugged conditions. Take the trail called Lookout City, which is near Panamint Springs Resort. It takes you through the rocky Argus mountain range, where stunning views await. The former mining spot is home to the Barker Ranch, where Charlie Manson once led his family of loyal followers. Modoc Mine and the Charcoal Kilns in Wildrose Canyon are also worth visiting in this area.¬†


Sawtooth National Recreational Area, Idaho

If you want hundreds of miles of ATV and motorbike trails that lead to the most awe-inspiring views, you can't go wrong with the Sawtooth National Recreational Area in Idaho. Best for high-level riders who can handle the narrow switchbacks, sheer drop-offs, and bumpy paths, the bike trails are quite difficult to navigate. The ATV trails are easier, but you still need to be fairly skilled to venture into this wild playground created by Mother Nature that is home to deer, bears, coyotes, birds, and beavers. Pitch your tent at Baumgartner Campground and explore the local trails during the day, then relax in the nearby natural springs in the late afternoon to soothe your aching body. 


Badlands, Attica, Indiana

Rev your engines, off-roading junkies, because you are entering farm country with rocky gravel, wild woods, streams, and rolling sand dunes that will challenge all your skills. The conditions are ideal for dirt bikes, ATVs, trucks, jeeps, and 4x4s, with over a thousand acres of diverse landscapes that will thrill your adventurous soul. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced trails in the off-road park. Try the MX track or rock quarry/SUV park or venture to the depths of the park where you can let loose and test out your vehicle and courage. There are rentals in Attica available, including the Polaris S 1000, XP 1000 2 Seater, XP 1000 4 Seater, Pro 2 Seater, and Pro 4 Seater.

 Jeep Off Road

Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Marble Falls, Texas

Escape into the wild terrain of the Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Texas with hundreds of miles of trails dotted with pretty waterfalls and natural springs. Suitable for all levels of off-roading, the landscapes are good for dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, jeeps, trucks, and motorbikes. The rough and rugged environment near Austin also has firing ranges, skeet shooting, camping grounds, cabins, and bunkhouses, so you can have a weekend of action-packed fun in the great outdoors.


Redneck Mud Park, Punta Gorda, Florida

If you like to get down and dirty outdoors, the Redneck Mud Park will be calling your name. Behind the wheel of an ATV, truck, jeep, or buggy, you can rip into the mud holes and explore long stretches of nature trails through pristine wooded areas. Even beginners can get a taste of off-roading here with an extraction vehicle on standby if you get bogged down or stuck in a tight corner. The park has many events and facilities for those who want to mingle with the off-roading community, or you can find solitude at primitive camping sites hidden away in the woods.


From dry deserts to lush rain forests, you can find all kinds of landscapes that offer scenic views, challenging journeys, and adventures that come with the off-roading scene. And the exciting part is the experience in each place changes with the seasons. Riding through the unmarked territories of Idaho in summer is entirely different from winter. Feel free to share if you find any fantastic off-roading locations we might like to hear about. In the meantime, be safe and have fun out there!

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