Top 6 Christmas Gifts-Jeep Owners

Top 6 Christmas Gifts-Jeep Owners - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

Unique Gifts for Jeep Owners

Jeep lovers are a special breed. They love adventure, the outdoors, and of course, their Jeep. If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a Jeep lover, look no further! We've put together a list of the Top 6 Christmas Gifts for Jeep fans.

From Jeep-themed merchandise to gear, we have something for everyone on your list. So if you're looking to show your Jeep fan some love this holiday season, check out our Top 6 Christmas Gift List!

#1 Tread Lightly Membership-$100 LEVEL

This is by far the best gift for Jeep enthusiasts! The list of goodies is endless:

Tread Lightly! keeps America’s outdoor recreation areas beautiful, healthy, and accessible. Tread Lightly!’s signature stewardship initiative, Restoration for Recreation protects and maintains recreation opportunities by repairing roads, trails, bridges, and recreational lands. Your membership dues go towards these initiatives.

Also, this gift supports environmental stewardship, discounts on trail merchandise, and more. This is a great way to give back and show your support for our public lands.

#2 Jeep Apparel-Best Jeep Christmas Gifts

From t-shirts and hats to playing cards and coasters, there's a wide range of Jeep-themed merchandise available for purchase at Goats Trail. With free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you know you are giving a gift that will be used and loved. Definitely some of the best unique Jeep apparel.

Duck Jeep Crewneck Sweatshirt


#3 A Jeep Experience

For the ultimate Jeep fan, why not give them an unforgettable experience? Jeep Jamboree just released its 2023 schedule!

Tickets go on sale December 5th-9th. This is an event your Jeep enthusiast would not want to miss. Definitely on the top of everyone's Christmas list.


#4 Flock Lockers-Stocking Stuffers

This next Top 6 Christmas Gift is a unique stocking stuffer for Jeep owners: Flock Lockers! When someone buys a Jeep, they aren’t just buying a vehicle-they are joining a community.

Jeep ducking is a trend among Jeep owners. "Ducking" is when Jeep owners place rubber ducks on each other’s vehicles for a heartwarming surprise.

Once we receive these cute ducks, what are we supposed to do with them? We have a solution, a flock locker. This is a practical and cute method to display ducks. Mounted on the dashboard, our newly acquired ducklings can go along for the ride.

Flock Lockers

#5 Custom License Plate Fasteners-Uncommon Goods

Our best-selling stocking stuffer is a perfect gift for any car enthusiast. These custom-made license plate fasteners are produced in Canada by GR8-PL8. Goats Trail is the only retailer in the United States to carry these custom-made license plate fastener kits.

They rank #1 for a unique, uncommon stocking stuffer. These license plate fasteners are waterproof, fade-resistant, and covered in durable UV-cured resin. A perfect addition to a car enthusiast's ride.

This stocking stuffer is definitely worthy of someone special in your life.

GR8-PL8 Plate Fastener Kit


#6 Cascadia 4 x 4 Flipster V3-Winch License Plate Mounting System

For an off-road lover, this Jeep Christmas gift is both functional and durable. It is one of the first accessories I purchased for my Jeep.

Made of quality and durable materials, Cascadia's Plate solved my problem. Once you install your winch, how do you mount your front license plate?  

Cascadia 4 x 4 Flipster V3 is the solution! Easy to mount and rugged enough to withstand your off-road adventures. We, unfortunately, tested this flip mount due to a car accident, and it still held up! Highly recommended!

Cascadia 4x4 Flipster V3 - Winch License Plate Mounting System

We all know that the perfect gift is difficult to find. But don't worry because our Top 6 List of Gifts for Jeep Fanatics will be sure to make your recipient feel special and loved!

Whether they're into off-road adventures in their Jeeps or just love America's favorite vehicle as much as we do - there is something on this list that is both thoughtful and budget-friendly (not to mention cool).


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