What Is The Latest From Ineos and Why Should You Care

What Is The Latest From Ineos and Why Should You Care - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

Ineos Charges Full Speed Into Electric Off-Road & Eyes Hydrogen-Power

Ineos Automotive, the plucky British newcomer to the automotive world, has its sights set on becoming a major force in the off-road vehicle segment. 

Despite having just launched its first model, the brutal Grenadier off-roader, a couple of years ago, the upstart automaker isn't resting on its laurels. CEO Lynn Calder has revealed an aggressive growth plan that could see Ineos offering a full lineup of highly capable 4x4s and potentially opening a manufacturing base in the United States within the next decade. 

For diehard off-roaders and overlanding fans, this ambitious trajectory could deliver exciting new products to scratch that adventurous itch. And whenever something new hits the market, you can bet that Goats Trail is ready to report on it!

Ineos Grenadier

A Pickup for the Jeep Crowd?

So, let’s dig into the news.

The first major expansion will be the addition of the Grenadier Quartermaster, a more utilitarian body-on-frame pickup version of the Grenadier SUV aimed squarely at the Jeep Gladiator. 

While not currently offered in the U.S., Calder believes the Quartermaster would be warmly received, saying, "We think it would do very well" in the market. According to the CEO, duties on imported pickups make a strong case for local production at a new U.S. factory.

The Quartermaster could represent a compelling alternative to the Gladiator for overlanders who want a dedicated truck layout and demand uncompromising off-road capability. Like its SUV sibling, the pickup will feature robust body-on-frame construction, coil-sprung live axles, and serious off-road gear like locking differentials.


Ineos Is Expanding The 4x4 Lineup

So, the Quartermaster sounds intriguing. But Ineos has even grander ambitions beyond just adding a pickup variant. 

Calder disclosed that two all-new off-road-focused 4x4 models are on the drawing board to join the lineup after the recently announced Fusilier electric SUV arrives in 2027. Covering the gamut in size, one of these future models will be smaller than the Grenadier, while the other will be larger and likely offer 3-row seating for families.

These two mystery models could suit enthusiasts who want an even more compact or family-friendly off-road hauler. 

While not quite as extreme as the uncompromisingly hardcore Grenadier models with their coil-sprung live axles, both new 4x4s will still boast true off-road capability as their core mission—at least, according to Calder when asked about their capabilities.

Ineos Grenadier

Ineos Is Embracing Electrification…

Powertrains are still being finalized, but Calder stated the new models will use flexible underlying architectures to accommodate full battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and even range-extender variants like the clever setup in the upcoming Fusilier.

The mid-size Fusilier itself will offer buyers a choice - a full EV version with an estimated 250-mile range or a range-extender variant. The range-extender mates a smaller battery pack providing around 170 miles of electric range to an internal combustion engine that acts as a generator to charge the battery on longer drives, not directly drive the wheels. 

Calder touted this as "a very important transition vehicle," helping overcome range anxiety while producing just 20-30% of the CO2 emissions as a traditional gas vehicle.

For eco-minded off-roaders, the electrified Ineos models could enable guilt-free overlanding and trail adventures. And the range-extender tech could satisfy those worried about access to charging in remote areas.

… and Eyeing a Hydrogen Horizon

Looking even further into the future, Ineos is exploring hydrogen fuel cell technology, which could give its 4x4s incredible driving range without any emissions at all. 

The company is already testing Grenadier prototypes fitted with BMW fuel cell powertrains, and its chemical company roots give it expertise in hydrogen production.

If hydrogen powertrains become a viable production reality, can you imagine the ultimate zero-emission overlanding rig able to travel hundreds of miles into the wilderness without a charging station in sight? For die-hard environmentalists who still crave adventure, that could be a game-changer.


What It Means for Off-Road Fans

Of course, these future products will require building up serious manufacturing capacity. Calder admits that within ten years, Ineos could aim for global sales of 200,000 to 300,000 vehicles per year across its expanded off-road lineup. For context, that's more than double the number of vehicles Ferrari produced in 2022.

To support that volume, especially in the crucial U.S. market, Calder confirms Ineos is looking at building a new factory in America to produce models like the Quartermaster pickup locally. This would complement its existing facility in Hambach, France which currently builds the Grenadier SUV.

For American off-road and overlanding enthusiasts, having Ineos establish a manufacturing base stateside could have tangible benefits. It would likely mean more accessible pricing and wider availability of models like the Quartermaster without import costs. 

It could also enable easier access to parts and service through a local dealer network rather than dealing with international logistics.

A Lively New Player On The Market?

While still a tiny player compared to mainstream brands, this level of ambition shows Ineos is utterly serious about carving out a major niche in the off-road space. 

From a single boxy off-road wagon just two years ago, the company is charging full steam ahead with plans to become a purveyor of rugged, go-anywhere 4x4s for every need and body style.

If even half of Ineos' goals are achieved, traditional truck and SUV manufacturers may soon face a formidable new challenger unafraid to get delightfully dirty in the white space between mainstream and cult off-road offerings. 

The prospect of a scrappy British invader like Ineos gaining a U.S. manufacturing foothold makes its trajectory an intriguing one to watch in the coming years for anyone wishing the off-road world offered more choices. 

With an impressive product plan that embraces electrification and even hydrogen, Ineos could soon be setting new benchmarks for environmentally-conscious yet extraordinarily capable 4x4s.

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