What To Know About the 2025 Jeep Recon

What To Know About the 2025 Jeep Recon - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company


Will this be the Jeep EV that launches the company into the electric future?

Jeep is gearing up to make a splash in the electric vehicle market with the much-anticipated 2025 Jeep Recon EV. This "Wrangler-inspired" off-road SUV is set to prove that electric power can conquer any terrain just as well as its gas-guzzling counterparts.

While the Recon isn't meant to replace the iconic Wrangler, it's poised to offer a more refined and urban-friendly option for adventurers who crave Jeep's legendary off-road capabilities. With production slated for a late 2024 launch and deliveries starting in early 2025, excitement is building around this groundbreaking addition to Jeep's lineup.

Let's dive into everything we know so far about the 2025 Jeep Recon EV and what makes it a game-changer in the world of electric off-roading.

2025 Jeep Recon At A Glance

Based on the latest from around the web, here’s what we can expect to be released in, on, and under the hood of the new 2025 Recon:





STLA Large (unibody construction)


Dual-motor electric drivetrain

Range (estimated)

Around 350 miles on a single charge

Off-road capabilities

"Trail Rated" badge, BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires, rubber flooring


Boxy, upright silhouette inspired by the Wrangler

Removable features

Doors, one-touch sliding roof, openable rear quarter windows, and back glass


Lighted seven-slot "grille," blue accents


A wide array of personalization options, including decals, spare tire covers, and uprated off-road hardware

Suspension (expected)

Independent suspension all around for improved on-road comfort and handling

Pricing (estimated)

Around $60,000, with a potential range of $5,000 in either direction


First full year of production in 2025, with deliveries expected to start in early 2025


2025 Jeep Recon Design and Features

The Jeep Recon EV boasts a boxy, upright silhouette reminiscent of its big brother, the Wrangler. However, its sleek lines and modern accents hint at its more urbane nature.

Just like the Wrangler, the Recon will feature removable doors, a one-touch sliding roof, and openable rear quarter windows and back glass for an immersive open-air experience. The lighted seven-slot "grille" and blue accents add a touch of sophistication, ensuring the Recon turns heads both on and off the beaten path.

Jeep hasn't skimped on the off-road essentials either. The Recon will come equipped with BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires and rubber flooring, making it trail-ready right out of the gate.

Expect to see "Trail Rated" badges proudly displayed on its flanks, a testament to its rugged capabilities. As with the Wrangler, Jeep plans to offer a wide array of accessories, from decals and spare tire covers to uprated off-road hardware, allowing owners to personalize their Recon to their heart's content.

Platform, Powertrain, and Range

Unlike the upcoming Wrangler EV, which will use the STLA Frame platform, the Recon will be built on the STLA Large platform.

While specific details about power output, battery pack size, and range have not been officially announced, industry insiders suggest the Recon could offer around 350 miles of range on a single charge. It's expected to come standard with a dual-motor drivetrain, leveraging Jeep's experience with the electrified Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid and Magneto concepts.

The use of the STLA Large platform hints at a more refined on-road experience compared to the body-on-frame Wrangler. This could include independent suspension all around, providing a more comfortable ride and better handling on paved surfaces without compromising its off-road prowess.

As more information emerges, we'll have a clearer picture of the Recon's performance capabilities – particularly when it comes to off-roading. But given Jeep's history of producing capable and rugged vehicles, we can expect the Recon to be a formidable contender in the electric SUV market.

Pricing and Availability

While Jeep has not yet announced official pricing for the Recon EV, industry experts estimate a starting price of around $60,000, with a potential range of $5,000 in either direction. This positions the Recon as a premium offering, likely rivaling the likes of the Land Rover Defender.

As for availability, Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa has confirmed that the Recon's first full year of production will be 2025. While the exact timing of the reveal and launch remains fuzzy, it's expected that we'll see the production model unveiled in late 2024, with deliveries commencing in early 2025.

Will The Jeep Recon Deliver in 2025? Time Will Tell

The 2025 Jeep Recon EV represents a bold new chapter in Jeep's history. As the brand's second electric vehicle to launch in the U.S., following the Wagoneer S, the Recon is set to prove that electric power can tackle the toughest trails.

With its blend of Wrangler-inspired design, cutting-edge EV technology, and Jeep's legendary off-road prowess, the Recon is poised to attract a new wave of adventurers to the brand. Stay up to date with the latest from Jeep here at Goats Trail Apparel - your go-to source for all things off-roading.

Are you excited about the new offerings coming down the pipe from Jeep? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to shop for all things offroading here at Goats Trail Apparel!

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