What To Know About The Honda Talon

What To Know About The Honda Talon - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

Fall In Love All Over Again With The Honda Talon

For off-road enthusiasts seeking the ultimate adventure machines, Honda's Talon line of high-performance side-by-sides delivers incredible thrills and capabilities. 

Whether you're into wide-open desert running, conquering the toughest rock crawling trails, or anything in between, there's a Talon model designed to get you there. Let’s take a look at what Honda's Talon has to offer – and why it deserves a spot in your garage.

What Is The Honda Talon?

The Honda Talon is a family of sport side-by-side vehicles built for pure off-road performance and excitement. Powering the Talons is a potent 999cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine producing big torque and horsepower across the rpm range. 

This engine is mated to Honda's innovative automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission, which provides the convenience of an automatic with the strength and control of a manual gearbox. You can let it shift automatically or take control via paddle shifters for the ultimate connection to the drivetrain.

On the chassis side, the Talons feature a sport-tuned long travel suspension, aggressive off-road tires, and a low center of gravity for incredible agility and handling on tight trails. 

The "R" models have a wider track and are tailored for high-speed desert running, while the narrower "X" Talons are optimized for technical terrain. For 2024, Honda has introduced upgraded suspension components like FOX Live Valve electronic semi-active dampers on select premium models.

But no matter which Talon you choose, from the two-seat R, X, RS, and XS versions to the four-seat R-4 and X-4 models, you get a stunning combination of performance, handling, and off-road capability.

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Talon 1000R

The original high-performance 2-seat desert runner. Powered by Honda's 999cc Unicam parallel-twin and paddle-shifted 6-speed automatic DCT. Long travel suspension and wide track width are tailored for blasting across open terrain at ultra-high speeds. The premium Talon 1000R FOX Live Valve adds FOX semi-active suspension with real-time compression damping adjustments for an incredibly plush, controlled ride.

Talon 1000X

Think of this as the "trail model" counterpart to the R. Still rocking the powerful 999cc twin and DCT gearbox, but with a narrower overall width and chassis tuning optimized for technical, tight terrain like wooded trails. The FOX Live Valve version gets the advanced self-adjusting suspension package.

New Talon 1000XS (and XS FOX Live Valve)

Slotting between the R and X models, the new narrower XS is designed to be the ultimate blend of high-speed prowess and technical capability. With long travel suspension components and I-4WD traction management, it's ready for anything. The FOX Live Valve ups the ante further.

New Talon 1000RS (and RS FOX Live Valve)

Occupying the opposite end of the spectrum as the XS, the wider RS models are focused purely on open desert blitzing with R-level suspension travel and tuning. High speeds and whoops are their playground, especially with the cushion of FOX Live Valve suspension.

Talon 1000R-4 FOX Live Valve

The 4-seat version of the original R model, adding rear stadium seating for passenger comfort. But make no mistake, with seating for four and premium FOX active suspension, this is still a hardcore performance machine for high-speed fun with friends.

Talon 1000X-4 (and X-4 FOX Live Valve)

Based on the 2-seat Talon X, but with the same clever rear stadium seating to carry four. Gains the same trail-tuned narrower chassis as the 2-seaters, with or without FOX's incredible Live Valve suspension.

New Talon 1000XS-4 (and XS-4 FOX Live Valve)

As the 4-seat versions of the new XS 2-seaters, these strike the ideal balance of seat capacity, chassis width/suspension travel, and technology like the smooth FOX Live Valve system (on the upgraded model).

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How To Pick The Right Talon For You

Two seats or four?

This is the first big decision. The two-seat Talon R, X, RS, and XS models are lighter, more agile, and optimized for pure performance driving. If it's just you and a buddy hitting the trails, this is the way to go.

But if you anticipate regularly carrying rear passengers or want the flexibility of four-seat capacity, then the R-4, X-4, and new XS-4 four-seaters make more sense. Their clever stadium-style rear seating elevates passengers for better visibility.

Prioritize high speeds or tight trails?

For max high-speed desert running performance across open expanses, the R and RS models earn top marks. Their wider track widths, longer suspension travel, and more aggressive desert-tuned setups ensure incredible stability as you push the limits.

Tight, technical trails pose less threat to body damage, so the narrower widths and shorter wheelbases of the X and XS families work better here. Their sharper approach/departure angles and more nimble chassis dynamics make them unstoppable rock crawlers.

Do you need the ultimate suspension?

While even the base Talons have great off-road-tuned suspension, Honda's premium FOX Live Valve models take it to the next level. Using semi-active damper technology, the FOX shocks constantly adjust compression rates based on terrain inputs for unprecedented body control and plushness.

Live Valve is an obvious choice for unrelenting terrain, but also pays dividends in high-speed situations by pushing the handling envelope. So if you can swing it, this tech is well worth it.

The all-new XS and RS models straddle the middle ground nicely, offering a balanced blend of open trail and desert-tuned performance. But at the end of the day, there's no wrong answer - every Talon model was designed to deliver Honda's signature refinement and reliability, while still packing incredible off-road prowess and fun factor.

At Goats Trail Apparel, We’re Talon Fans

Whether you choose the top-of-the-line Talon R, the versatile X, or the affordable Live Valve-equipped RS, you can't go wrong. With its advanced suspension technology and innovative design, the Honda Talon is growing in popularity with our team at Goats Trail Apparel. 

Which will you pick - and if you have one, which did you choose? Let us know - and make sure to gear up with our selection of Talon apparel and accessories! From comfortable t-shirts to durable hats, we've got you covered for your next off-road adventure with your Talon.

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