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Men's Soft Shell Jacket Size Chart

Men's Soft Shell Jacket Core365-Goats Trail Off Road Apparel Company


Experience Ultimate Comfort 

Imagine you're on an off-road adventure, the wind is brushing past your face, and you're feeling on top of the world. Now, picture experiencing all of that, cocooned in the plush, warm embrace of the Core365 Men's Cruise Two-Layer Fleece Bonded Soft Shell Jacket.

This isn't just another jacket. It's an integral part of your adventures, a reliable companion that's got your back, literally! Designed for men who dare to venture where the road ends, this soft shell jacket is a testament to the strong, fearless spirit within you.

Why Choose the Core365 Men's Soft Shell Jacket?

Well, why not? It's like having an invisible shield that protects you from the elements while you're busy chasing thrills. The two-layer fleece bonded soft shell fabric is engineered to keep you warm, comfy, and focused on your journey. No more shivers or discomfort. Just pure, unadulterated joy of exploring the unknown.

The Core365 Men's Soft Shell Jacket is the embodiment of rugged elegance. It's a blend of functional design and stylish aesthetics, just like you. So, the next time you rev up your engine for an offroad wheeling adventure, make sure you're wrapped in the comfort of this jacket. After all, every adventure deserves a great story, and every story deserves a hero dressed in the best gear.

Ready for Your Next Adventure?

So, are you ready to hit the trail and create countless stories of exploration and adventure? Just remember, no story is complete without the right gear. And, as far as we're concerned, the Core365 Men's Soft Shell Jacket fits the bill perfectly. Make it a part of your adventures and feel the difference. After all, even the bravest adventurers need a little comfort!

  • Water-repellent finish 
  • 96% polyester 4% spandex, 7.5 oz./yd2/255 gsm
  • Bonded w/100% polyester fleece
  • Inside storm placket with fleece chin guard
  • Center front reverse coil autolock zipper with reflective toggle
  • Lower front reverse coil zippered pockets with reflective toggles
  • Audioport access through inside left pocket
    Men's Soft Shell Jacket Size Chart