Best Off-roading Locations in the West-Part 4

Best Off-roading Locations in the West-Part 4 - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

Off-Road Trails in America That Will Leave You Breathless

Are you itching for some off-road adventure? Look no further than our Best Off-Roading Locations in the West. These trails will test your driving skills and leave you in awe of the beauty of America's wilderness.

  • Alaska: Knik Glacier Trail, Chugach Mountains

    Get ready to blaze through the powdery terrain of Knik Glacier, following a 40-mile trail that winds along the Knik River until you reach the spectacular glacier. With silt, sand, rock, mud holes, and creek crossings, this trail is not for the faint of heart. The estimated completion time is over 14 hours, you will need to come prepared for this adventure.

  • California: The Rubicon Trail, Georgetown

    Known as the granddaddy of all off-highway trails, The Rubicon Trail is on every 4x4 enthusiast's bucket list. The 22-mile rock-crawling road is one of North America's most challenging off-road courses. You'll need to be a technical driver with a beefed-up ride to tackle the unforgiving boulders and ever-changing trail conditions.

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  • Colorado: Wagon Wheel Trail System, Meeker

    If you're looking for a mix of thrills and good times, head to the Wagon Wheel Trail System. With 250 miles of marked trails and 16 interconnecting loops, there's something for every level of the off-roader. Relax on the Spades trail or challenge yourself on the Fawn Creek to Dead Horse Loop. Take breathtaking views and learn about the area's natural and cultural history.

  • Hawaii: Blue Hole past Jurassic Gate, Kauai

    Starting at Keahua Arboretum and ending at Jurassic Park Gate, this 12-mile trail packs a punch with a bumpy ride, mud, water crossings, and gorgeous rainforest scenery. Swim in one of the many natural pools and marvel at the waterfalls.

  • Idaho: Sawtooth National Forest, Stanley

    In the mountains of Sawtooth National Forest, you'll find endless miles of winding dirt roads and sweeping views. This trail will get your heart racing with narrow switchbacks, rocky sections, and sheer drop-offs. New to Jeeping? No worries - some trails don't require advanced skills. Dip in a swimming hole, spot over 300 species of wildlife, or try fishing or whitewater rafting.Photo by Wheelingoutwest. Blog about top locations to go off-road in the western part of the United States.

  • Montana: Ringing Rocks Trail, Butte

    Ride this 12.7-mile trail and be impressed by the rocks that emit a bell-like tone when struck gently with a hammer. Along the way, you'll encounter large boulders and deep holes, so make sure your rig has a quality skid plate. The rocky surface adds an extra challenge to this trail.

  • Nevada: Wheeler Pass, Indian Springs

    Escape the urban life and head to Wheeler Pass, a 50.5-km point-to-point trail that gets progressively more difficult as you approach the highest point. While it's rough and rocky, any high-clearance 4x4 can pass. The snow season adds an extra layer of gratification. Be prepared for off-grid travel, as there is no cellular service.

  • Oregon: Barlow Trail, Hood River County

    Formerly a part of the Historic Barlow Road, this trail offers some exciting off-road fun. Starting at the edge of the prairies and oak scrublands of Central Oregon, it winds into a thick forest of Ponderosa Pines. Navigate in the wagon ruts of pioneers and take in surreal panoramas of Mount Hood from high mountain passes.

  • Utah: Moab

    Moab is one of the best places in the country to hit the less-beaten track. Surrounded by countless acres of off-road bliss and unforgiving terrain, you'll find trails suitable for your skill level. With nearly a dozen Jeeping trails, you'll encounter sand, water, cliffs, arches, giant boulders, rolling sandstone rocks, sublime scenery, and wildlife.

  • Washington: Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes, Grant County

    If you want to get your 4x4 dirty in the Evergreen State, head to Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes. Jeepers are welcome, but you'll also find all off-road vehicles zooming by. With 3,000 acres of sand, mud, and trails, you can fish, ride watercraft, and camp there.Moses Lake Mud Flats Washington-Goats Trail Off Roading Blog

  • Wyoming: The Morrison Jeep Trail, Powell

    If you're ready to test your nerves, try conquering the 27 tight switchbacks at the Shoshone National Forest. This narrow, single-lane trail has no turn-offs and gains a staggering elevation of 4,500 feet over its 22-mile length. Only experienced wheelers should attempt it.

What do you think are the Best Off-Roading locations in the West? Whether you're a seasoned off-roader or a newbie looking to dip your toes in the dirt, these trails offer a range of challenges and rewards. So, pack up your 4 x 4 and hit the road to experience the best off-road trails in America.

Next Stop: Off-Roading in the Midwest!

Next week, we're taking you on a virtual tour of the most exhilarating off-roading locations in the Midwest. Now, we're talking about trails that would make even the most seasoned off-roader's heart skip a beat. So, get your engines revving and be prepared to test your mettle against the Midwest's landscape.

We're eager to hear about your favorite off-roading spots too. Got a secret trail or a hidden gem? Spill the beans! Share your favorite off-roading locations, and who knows? Your spot might just make it to our list of the best off-roading locations in America.

So, next time you're gearing up for an outdoor adventure, remember - don't just prep your rig, look good doing it with Goats Trail Off Road Apparel Company. Because the journey matters as much as the destination, we're here to make it memorable!

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