Overlanding: Top Five Trailer Options to Tow With Your 4x4

Overlanding: Top Five Trailer Options to Tow With Your 4x4 - Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company

If you picture yourself going off-road in your 4x4 and spending a few nights in the wild, you’ll need an adventure trailer that can handle intense expeditions. A good overland trailer should be able to follow your 4-wheel vehicle wherever you go, whether you’re macheting through the woods, tackling a rocky trail, slogging through mud, or racing through a dry lake bed.

Thankfully, there are plenty of off-road camping trailers designed to match the capabilities of your 4x4. In this post, we have rounded up 5 of the best overland trailers for 4x4s and highlighted their best features. Let’s dive in.


A Word on Overlanding

Overlanding is similar to off-roading, but there is more to it. Apart from enjoying driving off-road and testing the capabilities of the vehicle, overlanders attempt to remain self-reliant and resilient while exploring remote places. They are resourceful, great problem solvers, and ready to rough it in the wild for days or weeks.

To succeed in the overlanding lifestyle, you need a reliable 4x4 that is equipped with basics to sustain you and tackle any challenges you encounter throughout the expedition. Some key basics include a small kitchen, refrigeration, a sleeping system, water storage, a power system, and tools.

Of course, you don’t need to outfit your Jeep or SUV with these amenities. Investing in an off-road trailer for your 4x4 will help you bring all the essentials you need to survive and thrive when exploring far-flung places. Even more importantly, you can leave the trailer at the campsite and enjoy the pure thrill of off-roading.

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Now, let’s look at the best off-road trailers for towing with a 4-wheel vehicle.

Opus 4 Off-Road Trailer

Opus 4 Off-Road Trailer-Overlanding-Goats Trail

Dry Weight: 3,100 lbs.

Towing Dimensions (LxWxH): 17’x7’2x5.4’

Sleep Capacity: 4-6

Holding Tanks: 40 gals of fresh water

MSRP: $37,000

Engineered to be pulled across the roughest terrain, the Opus 4 Off-Road is one of the best trailers for towing with a Jeep or SUV. It can tackle any challenge you throw at it, thanks to the upgraded, all-terrain chassis, off-road tires, and independent coil suspension. Owners are also impressed by the articulating hitch, rock guard, and 12.2” ground clearance.

Once you reach the campsite, its AIR Tent Inflation technology enables the tent to inflate on its own under 2 minutes, allowing you to create a large living room for the family. Other highlights include a slide out kitchen, 2x Double Beds, 3-4 days of battery power, a front toolbox, a rack-mounted hot water shower, and a shower tent.


Rugged 'N Ready 60" High Country Trailer by TO Extreme


Goats Trail-Overlanding-Rugged 'N Ready 60" High Country Trailer by TO Extreme

Dry Weight: 860 lbs.

Towing Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.8’x5.8’x4.2’

Sleep Capacity: 2 if you add an optional tent

Holding Tanks: None

MSRP: $8,000

Hardy, light, and affordable, the High Country trailer by To Extreme is the perfect camper for those looking to adventure without much baggage. With a base weight of just 860 pounds, it’s light enough to be pulled by small 4x4s. Despite the weight, it’s sturdy enough to battle any trail.

Standard features include a 2,000lb axle-less suspension, heavy-duty fenders and frame, 20 inches of ground clearance, premium off-road tires, and a front cargo rack. Each unit also comes equipped with an adjustable cargo management system, a lockable tailgate, and a 2” rear receiver. Optional features include a tent rack system, awning, tires up to 37 inches, and advanced graphics.


Turtleback Expedition Trailer


Turtleback Expedition Trailer

Dry Weight: 1,850 lbs.

Towing Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.8’x6.2’x5.6’

Sleep Capacity: 5 in the Turtleback-exclusive tent

Holding Tanks: 42 gals of fresh water

MSRP: $22,995

The Turtleback Expedition is another heavy-duty utility trailer that can handle off-road action. It’s designed to withstand the test of time and mileage, with features such as welded 2x3 galvanized tube steel chassis, axle-Less 3500hd suspension, all-terrain tires, and a steel frame with aluminum skins, side boxes, and nosebox.

Impressively, this little beast has a broad array of built-in home amenities to make your sojourns comfortable. There’s a slide kitchen with 18″ stove, stainless steel sink, a tempered glass top, a 6-gallon water heater, a battery pack, and an 11-pound propane tank. Owners have lots of options to choose, ranging from a tent, shower, solar, storage, brakes, tires to tailgate upgrades.


TCTeardrops Off-Road Expedition Trailer


TCTeardrops Off-Road Expedition Trailer

Dry Weight: 1,250 lbs.

Towing Dimensions (LxWxH): 14’ 6”x7'x6'1" (5x10 model size)

Sleep Capacity: 2

Holding Tanks: 4 gals of fresh water (optional)

MSRP: $10,000

If you love taking your 4-wheel adventures to the extreme and appreciate the iconic look of a teardrop trailer, check out the TCT Off-Road. It’s outfitted with a heavy-duty axle and suspension system, 16" aluminum alloy wheels, 7" electric trailer brakes, Jeep-style HD XL fenders, a diamond-plate undercarriage, an articulating hitch, and a 3,500 lb torsion axle.

Of course, it has loads of options for upgrading and customizing to fit your unique travel and camping needs. After selecting from one of the 200 different colors, you can include options like a queen mattress, galley compartment, fridge, cooler, roof rack, solar system, and awning. The unit has two windows as well as two doors with windows.


SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer

SylvanSport Go Camping Trailer


Dry Weight: 840 lb

Towing Dimensions (LWH): 143"x75"x53"

Sleep Capacity: 4

Holding Tanks: None

MSRP: $10,995

Another small trailer that Jeepers and overland enthusiasts will love is the SylvanSport Go. Made of powder-coated aluminum and heavy-duty tent materials, it’s one of the most versatile camper for towing with a 4x4. Sure it’s lightweight, but it has an astonishing hauling capacity. The roof rack can carry gear weighing up to 165 lbs, such as mountain bikes and kayaks.

Further, it has a gear deck below the tent pod that can lug equipment up to 960 lbs, including adventure motorcycles, a quad bike, and coolers. You can further expand the gear space by raising the tent pod up to 3.9 feet. This clever adventure unit has a tent in a hinged case below the rack. Once deployed, it creates sleeping space for 4.


Venture Into Any Wild Playground With These 4x4 Overland Trailers

If you're planning multi-day stays on the trail, then any of the above trailers is a welcome addition to your overlanding setup. They may be nimble, but they are tough enough to tackle the roughest roads and follow your 4x4 with ease.

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